West Dunbartonshire Sports Hub

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Dunbartonshire Disability Sports Club

The Dunbartonshire Disability Sports Club (DDSC) is a charity (registered with OSCR - Charity no. SC044640) run by volunteers. We aim to raise awareness of disability sport, increase the opportunity for children with additional support needs to take part in sport and other physical activities, and provide the parents and carers of our members with valuable respite. We also encourage active citizenship by providing volunteering roles within our club. The DDSC was formed in March 2010 response to a public consultation which highlighted the lack of after school physical activity opportunities for those with a disability in the local area.

The work we do in the community.

For the past nine years the DDSC has provided several programmes to fulfil the needs of the disability community in West Dunbartonshire area as follows;

• DDSC – Multi Sports programme

• DDSC – Parent Fit programme

• DDSC - Social Swimming programme

• DDSC - Swimming Coaching programme

• DDSC - Sports Stars programme

• DDSC - Residential Sports Camps

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